Tank Cleaning and Gas Freeing

Sbs Shipping provides fast , cost-effective general refit and repair soluctions for owners f vessels in all

  • FO of cleaning for cold works
  • FO tank cleaning and gas-freeing for hot works
  • Pipe tunnel and cofferdam cleaning
  • Sewage,sludge tank cleaning
  • Lube oil tanks cleaning for inspection
  • Ballats tank cleaning
  • Engine Room’s bilge cleaning
  • Cargo tanks oil cleaning
  • Chain lockers mud cleaning
  • Cargo holds and bilges cleaning
  • Fully equipped cleaners take on the nastiest jobs to produce a clean gas-free and safe enviroment
  • Enviromentally responsible use of chemicals
  • Certicate of enbironmentally responsible disposal provided upon request
  • Sludge removal
  • Washouts – high pressure and ultra cleaning
  • Sludge Processing
  • Chemical cleanin and decontamination