Steel Grating Panels Renewal

Sbs Shipping offers renewing your old or rusty steel grating panels and safety step bar gratinh dyring North bound voyage or during docking period in TM MARINE or in Turkish loading/ discharging ports.
You informe us about the measure and quantity the we fabricate the steel gratings and deliver South bound voyage in a short time.
More specifications and sizes optional for meeting various environmet, load, span,sizes and shapes,
Sbs Shipping provides also safety step bar grating used for ladder rungs.
Galvanized steel grating offers the following advantages compared with steel grid:

  • Lighy weight
  • Good strength
  • Large carrying capacity
  • Can save materials and cost
  • Good ventilation of light and wind
  • A modern sense
  • Anti-skid safety
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to installation
  • Durable for uses
  • Good rust-proof proof property
  • The best drainage ( leakage area of 83,3 %)
  • Anti-theft desing