Overhauling and Reconditioning

Sbs Shipping provides unique service offers for alaminium and 2& 4 stroke pistons.
Pistons have weld repairs back to original manufacturer standards at fraction of the cost of new!
Sbs Shipping recondition in well equipped workshops in Tuzla-İstanbul all of the following part:

  • Cylinder covers
  • Piston crowns and skirts
  • Exhaust valves and seats
  • Exhaust valve housing
  • Fuel injectors
  • Connecting rods , Piston rods
  • Cylinder heads, water chambers and cover rings
  • Governors
  • Crankshaft replacement and any general maintanance
  • Tail shafts and rudder
  • Pums and castings/housings
  • Grinding machingin crankshafts (main / aux.engine, compressor,pump shafts)
  • Heat exchangers
  • Aligment of bearings(crosshead,crank,main)
  • Fuel valve grinding/ overhauling

Sbs Shipping also provides pumps, valves overhaul and maintenance:

  • Grinding and lapping of plunger reciprocating pumps
  • Hyrdaulic pump overhaul and repairs
  • Gear pump overhaul and repairs
  • Centrifugal pump overhaul, repairs and renewals