Balasting / Painting / Coating

Sbs Shipping provides fast, coast-effective general refit and repair solitions for owners of vessels in all ports of Turkey and Tuzla/ İstanbul roads.

  • Cleaning/hp washing/ painting of engine room and bilge
  • Cleaning /hp washing/painting of pipe tunnels and cofferdams
  • Cleaning/hp washing /painting of car decks
  • UHP* water blasting/painting
  • Cleaning /Coating of ballats tanks
  • Spor blasting/ painting of cargo tanks and cargo holds
  • Airless sprayers/ wet and dry paint thickness electronic gauses

Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Water blasting is the contemporary, environmentally firiendly way of preparing surfaces for painting as a replacement for sanblasting or greit blasting.

It leaves no mess from grit or other abrasives, no contamination from dust and most importantly none of the costly cleanup and disposal costs that arise when abrasives are used.With UHP water blasting once the waste is dry; it can be swept up and disposed of safely.

Saving Lives, Assets and the Environment!